BioRevic Sumisalud

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Specialists in custom manufacturing of Class I.

We have the latest technology to produce any medical device Class I.

All products are available in several carvings.

All products are individually wrapped and sealed so that can not be handled until use.


BioRevic Sumisalud SL was formed in 2012 by a specialized hospital products, for development and manufacture of orthopedic and medical devices in series equipment.


His constant research of new materials makes our products be quality and best presentation, in order to offer a personalized service and attention to our customers.


Our investment in technology, research and human resources, makes BioRevic Sumisalud is an agile and efficient company.


Thanks to our excellent technical team, we have been adapting to new regulations increasingly demanding exercise and manufacturers, so we are prepared for any type of production that we requested.


We work with the best raw materials market, so we offer a high quality, assurance and price.

We characterized by a responsible and serious work, always seeking to improve the quality of life.